Truth and Reality as I know it to be


Greetings! Guten Tag! Bonjour! Welcome to what I consider my own version of the reality as I know it.

This is a hodge podge, an eccentric, eclectic content, disarray of written work, thoughts, rants, ramblings, ponderings, brooding, crude creative creations, including but not limited to:

dark, sadistic dry, and flippant humor
made-up words and phrases
anecdotes with no structure
extreme views, bias, subjective points and attitudes
melancholy, quirks, nuances, and oddities not otherwise categorized
poor creations not worthy of positive feedback.
creative pieces of varying quality produced using a multitude of mediums and techniques
displays of unstructured passion, ignorance, confusion, curiosity, conceit and anxiety

for which I am solely responsible for and will not apologize for. If you are compelled to respond, that is appreciated. I encourage  discussion. Sitting in one’s own perspective for too long paves way for homogeneous schools of thought. Awareness is one thing accompanied by understanding; one may still elect to conclusively disagree. By consistently assuming the unpopular, minority view, one willingly belongs to the underdog archetype. The socio-economic translation is dubbed ‘impoverished working class.’ Welcome to the life I know, the places, and the faces from those places. Figuratively speaking.

Why am I not looking for a direct spotlight? Ideas and beliefs are what I’m driven to share while attempting to retain some semblance of privacy left in an era of information.

Yesterday marks a step to regain some propriety. The aim of this blog is to share personal experiences under an assumed pseudonym to protect identities. If you are clever enough and driven to determine my actual identity, I will not acknowledge nor deny. Please respect my wishes to not reveal my identity if you do happen to be so clever. Some comments divulging too much personal information may be removed at my discretion. I will not respond feedback on a regular basis.

I welcome legitimate inquiries for business arrangements and proposals.

Here ends the current disclaimer.


What thoughts do you have to share?

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