Truth and Reality as I know it to be

Friday Forecast: Sunny

Monday arrived riddling my hands and body with arthritis. Foolish of me to limit the use of the perfectly awesome Bionaire slim design heater that is ranked along side the workstation computer, large screen HD LCD monitor, and digital camera as my best investments. Up, and about. The sun is at full strength and Monday is marching on. Still in pajamas, still sniffling, but productive. Move aside body, Monday has arrived and you’re going to have to deal like it.

Last week I decided to give another try for GoDaddy. Persistence seems to prove the best overall. Most people apply or submit their resumé once to prospective employers. My approach, if an employer makes my A-list is to keep at them. It’s how I was hired for retail. I think I applied there four times before I got in. Computer sales, I applied in their system twice. The screenprinting company I submitted my resumé twice. I just took a call from GoDaddy this morning. They requested a second interview and I set one up for Friday to give me sufficient time to study the technical terminology I expect they will assess.

When my availability was an issue earlier this year, I sent the interviewer a nice thank you card. I’m hopeful and need to make sure to watch all my Ps and Qs closely this time around to secure a sure thing. While the position is not ideal, the company is. It would beef up my employment appeal as well to work for such a well-known, profitable, and reputable company.

Funny. just when my dating life fizzles, my prospects for employment heat up. The distraction is wholly welcome and needed.

What thoughts do you have to share?

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