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Mac OS makeover

The necessity to upgrade the trusty Intel powered Mac Pro workstation from Mac OS 10.4.11 Tiger to 10.6 Snow Leopard has turned into a must, one I was pleasantly surprised to get a 17% discount on, since the company I currently work for has a partnership with Apple.

The package design was nice; the standard disk box die cut, opening up like a present, the corners folded in. I haven’t done much homework on this upgrade. I’m trusting to love it as long as my current applications such as Aperture, Quicktime Pro, menagerie of web browsers, printer, network settings, preferences, and naturally my files are still left alone and accessible. Preferrably, hiccup free.

40 minutes, a 2 hour commuting detour, severe lack of sleep, $153 dollars later, and we well see if it delivers the awe Apple has promised. I sure hate to be disappointed in it.

Stay tuned.

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