Truth and Reality as I know it to be

Poem: Held Captive

Needing to be less you and more ME
Working hard not to fall into the abyss
Suffocating in the stench of stale piss
Ignoring pleas to correct what is surely amiss

Fighting off constant negativity to keep my head above water
How do you not understand what is the matter
Constant correction and you accuse me of arguing
Excuse me, I am not a target for your puppetry

Somehow I’ve lost myself in the shuffle, hussle, and bustle
Trying to figure out how to be less you.
More ME. More free

Once upon a time there was middle ground
It’s still you and I, still not quite a “we”
The urge to bolt away sneaks up on me

Incompatible as can be, no matter how many times “I Love You” is spoken
Who are you kidding? You are no king and I am no queen

The laundry list of complaints,
Self-boasting in creating tension to manipulate
Fellow pawns and rooks proves cowardly confrontation

There’s not enough antidotes to defend against the poisonous negativity
Stop listening to jabs, and ceaseless corrections , toxins sap all remaining energy
In the end is it to be you vs me instead of “we”

-AB  2012.06.10



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