Truth and Reality as I know it to be


Ever notice even when an organization project is done, there’s more to do or there’s a better way to use that space? I constantly do this. Not everyone does this? Maybe you don’t think of organization as being fun or a rewarding time saver like Alejandra Costello. I don’t quite go that overboard with organization. I want classy and streamlined, not kindergarten colored organization. She does present some affordable ideas though. Like the shower curtain liner with pockets or putting this mesh pocket organizer on my shower curtain rod or a small version. I often pondered on using an Over the Door shoe rack as a pant and towel hanger for the bathroom or even this variation as a coat hanger/rack for a living room with no coat closet.

You might be one of those people where junk goes in the drawer and every drawer is a junk drawer, Or your junk drawer is your car, or your desk, or your entire house and you spend too much time looking through it or maybe never look through it until  you stop being able to put stuff in it; then decide to dump its contents in the trash. That’s not  me, well unless it’s my purse that I resent. It takes time to set up an organization system, so why do it? I do it because I want to be lazy later. Personal example is: I’m not a morning person, preferring sleep over the amount of time spent to get ready and out the door. I don’t like thinking about what I am going to wear, you might think I am a clothes person judging by the way I organize my closet. You’d be wrong, I don’t like folding or putting away clothes, or changing more than twice a day. I color code my closet, each type gets its own color or type of hanger: white hangers for versatile tops which can be dressed up or dressed down, thick hangers for jackets and coats, the swivel hook hangers for tank tops, purple hangers for t-shirts and casual lounging. I am faster to get dressed, and laundry time is quick because I know right where everything is to go. 

 It’s interesting trying to maximize small spaces when renting property. Sometimes if the domicile is owned by an individual rather than a Real Estate or Property Management company, there can be flexibility.

By no means am I made of money. I tend to make do or make the best with what’s available. Until I accumulate the money to invest in organization projects. Not everyone is tall, and step stools to reach high shelves constantly an annoyance and somewhat unsafe. Especially as someone having balance problems. Those reach-and grab poles aren’t the best for me either, since I have coordination problems that fluctuate. Having towering shelving or storage isn’t always the best. The last thing I need is to be trying to get a can of soup off the shelf with a reach-and-grab, have a spasm, and knock down everything else on the shelf, not get the soup. Try again, to find out I didn’t have a good grip, then the soup falls mid-air, giving me a concussion. And I still have to put all the other stuff that got knocked off the first time I tried. When all I’d want to do in the first place is get the cream of celery soup to make green bean casserole. 

My dad worked in construction for a decent number of years, and he is great at his projects when his back and knees let him. I’ve never asked my dad to build anything, what I do remember is I would watch This Old House with Bob Villa. I’m a big proponent of *DIY. Until I began *DIY attempts proved I should not *DIY when it comes to home improvement projects or furniture assembly. I had a $60 DIY Closet project (install strips of wood to the back to mount metal brackets for a wooden closet rod in a 9 ft. reach-in closet. Seemed simple enough. Take measurements, find and mark the studs to screw in the wood strips into studs, mount metal brackets. 

This DIY closet project I thought was a success because I could get my entire wardrobe in there and there was no signs of weakness. Its failure was not immediate. It worked for 3 months and then the wood backer splintered. The odd thing was I hadn’t done anything with the hanging clothes. All I had done was put something on the shelf above it which was not connected to the wood backer, the metal brackets, or the closet rod.  Needless to say this DIY closet project was a bigger failure than the smaller one had been. The smaller closet project a year ago was salvaged by a friend’s dad who taught Shop to high school students since my own dad lives 1300 miles away and can’t exactly drop by. 

I got a price quote from a professional company who installs and remodels closets. It’ll be a few hundred dollars, but at least it’ll be a better arrangement, since it will be custom, and then it will be more structurally sound. The condo owner has agreed to allow me to reduce the amount of rent payments over an agreed amount of time, since I am essentially improving his property for him and not asking him to do the labor.

Still addicted to seeing what’s out there, though I’m more of an connoisseur or fan (not sure either of those are the precise word I want, but the exact term escapes my intellect for the moment) and so I spotted this showcase for Hidden Door Storage Ideas. Not really sure what and ideabook is, it looks like a better spinoff of Pinterest, which I don’t use, because I have conflicts about the ethics of Pinterest. It’s just people going around stealing other peoples stuff. There’s not even much interaction. You just get alerts on who likes your posted projects enough to steal it for something they want to use. It’s like plagiarism as a faux social media site. On the other hand it’s like a bulletin board too. I neglect Pinterest. I poked around a bit more on to see someone found a Superman comic in the wall of their house.


* Not all the same link. Each link for DIY is a separate one for a different site to find DIY projects. 

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