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There’s times for some reason when people show vacation photos, it’s less impressive (to me) when they are in the photo, unless they are doing something outlandishly entertaining. The best choice someone made for their vacation photos of Prague, was to take them without people. It gave me chills and the energy the camera captured was intensified.

With that irrelevant opening paragraph, the rest of this entry is concerned with HDR photography.
My rebuttal argument for photographers against HDR style of photography and how it is “un-natural.”
Depends on the technique used to achieve the HDR. Some primarily use the camera and lighting effectively and assemble the series together. I like that look, in my humble opinion, It’s surreal. I like surreal art because it could be something from a dream. It’s  the same reason why I like impressionistic art. Surreal art and dreams portray a familiar yet strange sense.
HDR techniques are about equal to a painter mixing paints for a new color. Photographers mix a series of photos.  Same concept, different medium.  If you don’t like HDR  because it is unnatural, then what is your stance about cinema other than documentary? Because cinema is unnatural in its timeline, effects, stunts, plot, all staged. In fact the majority of things in life are not “natural.”¹ Why should artistic mediums be any different?
¹ I could ramble on about all the things in life that are not natural like ingredients in Morning Star farms products, junk food, fast food, dye in clothing.., then there’s the internet and your brain, of which I will assume there’s capabilities with both, and refrain from a long boring list.

Comments on: "Anti-HDR Photography Rebuttal." (2)

  1. Digital black and white is the same thing, a choice.

  2. adohertyh said:

    I love the comparison with cinema. I’ll be borrowing your idea when I talk with the next “HDR hater.”

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