Truth and Reality as I know it to be

Mouse Scavenger Hunt

Last week I couldn’t find my mouse and spent all night searching, dumped my backpack, etc. I bought 2 replacements since the model I use is being discontinued by EVERYONE, I had to buy it non-amazon prime and just got lucky the third party seller was not charging for shipping.

I had one replacement shipped to me, and one replacement shipped to a friend who lives near where I work. I checked my mailbox, and ripped it open. I had been anxiously checking the tracking number on the USPS site. I knew I had batteries in my backpack and I found one and put it in the replacement. I kept looking knowing my mouse takes 2 batteries and I would never do something so hairbrained as to only carry 1 battery on me. I keep looking. I don’t find the 2nd battery.

I found the original mouse I kept swearing to myself I didn’t take out of my backpack the day I looked for it because I was paranoid I was going to leave it somewhere.

Now I have 3 of the same exact mouse. It’s a good thing I really do like that mouse. I will keep one at home, one at work, and one for school use. I have to have early onset senility. I can’t even trust my own credibility. I wonder what I will lose this week! dun dun dun!


Off to be bored with video tutorials about UDK.

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