Truth and Reality as I know it to be

I’m not sure why but taking tests online for any class has caused me to develop test anxiety. I have test anxiety to the point where my hands start shaking and I get dry mouth, and my stomach is upset. Give me a test on paper and can make it through without a panic attack. How odd. Test me for on-the-job-training and I get disinterested by the 5th question.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve had so many mishaps with taking tests online.

Loss of internet connection
Browser malfunction
Power failure
Trick questions and second guessing answers
My answer is not in the precise answer format (reverse or rearranged) to get the same result
Options to choose from are missing

With tests distributed with paper, it’s not like my paper is going to burst in flames, or shrivel up and die. or my marking for the answer is going to disappear. The most exciting thing I had happen on a test is I spilled my drink and I got orange grease fingerprints on the paper from the Cheetos I ate beforehand.

Well my programming final is done with. I sit at 92% before the final exam. There were 5 short answer questions, which are worth a combined total of 30 points. I know I missed at least 5 points because the last question was related to dictionaries and I didn’t successfully finish the last of the 4 pieces of criteria. If I get a B on the final, I’ll be bumped down to a B for the class. If I get an A on the final, I’ll stay at an A.

My stomach is churning so hard thinking about this. I’ll be very disappointed in myself if I get a B for a level 100 class.

What thoughts do you have to share?

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