Truth and Reality as I know it to be

I find it particularly annoying when someone tries to boast about their intelligence and makes a simple mistake.


On one of the major social media sites, one of my former classmates posted this on her profile page.

While I enjoy the Pink Floyd song “Another Brick in the Wall,” if things were up to me, the lyrics of the chorus would say:
We don’t need any education
We don’t need any thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers, leave those kids alone
Hey teacher, leave those kids alone


No problem here. One of her friends posted this as a comment.:

I really like this song always have. But I do have to admit that the line “we don’t need no thought control” I do agree with. Churches and some schools do promote thought control. Difference in learning and thought control.

Original poster replied: But it’s a double negative, so it’s really saying that we do need some thought control.

true, but only we with education know it is a double negative. If we don’t have education and we use street slang bad English language, is it still double negative or just bad English?

First of all, correct use of grammar is not used, as true does not have the first letter capitalized. Second, educated people do not call it “bad English.” It would be called “poor use of English.” 
I started to comment, and then realized the person commenting was an in-law of the one who posted the idea.I decided to not say anything.  It still irks me though when people try to sound smart and make such simple mistakes.

Academics would probably analyze the song and forgive the poor use of English as an understanding of the syntactical structure and style of the song. It would definitely not be called “bad English” by academics. The double negative could be called a poor use of English. English is neither good nor bad as it does not have actions. Remember English is a tool, therefore it can be used well or used poorly. Unless the context changes to signify an opinion of people from England. They are called English and judgement of good or bad is placed, then “Bad English” would be an incomplete thought or sentence. 

What thoughts do you have to share?

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