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Consumer Power: Dyson

This marginally revised feedback was sent to Dyson on 4/07/2015. No response was received.

Dear Dyson,

Hopefully this message finds your employees in good spirits. Thank you for your flagship vacuums, as I am short, and have mobility problems. Your Dyson Ball vacuums are magnificent with being lightweight, easy to maneuver/turn and control and clean with one hand and for my poor balance and fluctuating motor skills. I don’t have to wait for a day when I feel 110% to vacuum like I used to even with great canister models from Eureka. Vacuuming took a lot of energy for me when using anything other than a Dyson. Thank you for offering a solution that makes a difference.

There are a few things I would like to suggest for the Dyson family of vacuums: the bar with the brush which has plastic grill-plate on the underside. This bar is hard to clean of hair (human and pet hair) and debris which gets wrapped around it. I have to dig out some tweezers and pick at it. Can you redesign your newer models to allow that bar to be easily removeable or disengaged and cleaned?

Also Bissell and a few other companies which make vacuums, have a vacuum and floor steamer. To be truthful, sweeping is a pain because you never get that last trace-line of dirt which butts up against the dustpan. So I vacuum my linoleum kitchen floor and hard surface floors in bathrooms and entryways. I also hate mopping because I am pretty sure it just pushes dirty water slopped around, hard on the knees, back, and joints. Bissell has something called Symphony which is a vacuum and a steamer. They attach this rug looking thing on the bottom for the steam function, and when the rug is dirty, the user can pop it into the washing machine. I haven’t tested it or anything. I just thought maybe Dyson could do a better version of it because I do like your vacuums, and I haven’t elected to get a steamer because I’m trying not to turn into an appliance and electronics warehouse. I paid the price I did for the fan heater because I thought it was great I could have both instead of needing a space heater AND a fan. I’d be willing to justify investing in a vacuum-and-steamer if it was still lightweight to pick up with one hand and carry up 1-2 flights of stairs without having to rest it on the steps from it being too heavy, maneuverable with one hand, easy to maintain, durable, and of quality.

I would like Dyson to consider a trade-in incentive program or loyalty program. I have had my Dyson for about 5 years. and still swear by it as though it is a pet. But the price point for newer models would be more attractive if there was a loyalty program like 17% off, or if I donate the vacuum to a needy cause and show proof of donation, a gift card from Dyson to redeem for a new one. That way too it helps Dyson with their company reputation. Those are just ideas.

Comments about Dyson Bladeless Tower and Tabletop Heater Fans:
In the [removed] desert, we use fans year round. I have a Dyson fan heater that is from 2012, and it is super noisy. It also draws too much energy and makes me nervous. I see your newer models claim to remedy those problems. What I’d like to see in the future is a lamp/lighting solution built into the fan-heater. You know the part where air is pushed out and it’s a different toned color? That could be were light is emitted. It’s rough trying to find a free outlet these days and Dyson is well designed that it doesn’t have to be stashed away when not in use. But I’d rather have a light than a fan if I have to choose what appliance take priority. So if you could help out and make those fan heaters emit lights (I’d probably say very bright natural LEDs with the equivalent output of a 60w incandescent, sorry not good at W to Lumens conversions), then I think a lot of consumers would be appreciative. No one likes unplugging and replugging appliances in that they want to use frequently.

Thank you for considering my suggestions and comments. If you have any questions or would like a concept drawing to illustrate some of these ideas, I am happy to provide some if you are interested and need them.

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