Truth and Reality as I know it to be

Adobe Illustrator is a industry standard tool for designers, and great for (static needs in) those wanting to wireframe projects quickly using the artboard tools and options.

One thing I do wish the artboards in Adobe illustrator offered was the ability to resize different and multiple artboards in a single pass. With Adobe Illustrator in CS6 those wanting to resize artboards must manually go to each artboard and access its options panel.

Artboards in Adobe Illustrator are also limited to 100 per AI file. The higher number of artboards in a file, the higher the frequency of the scratch disk being filled and then the software will crash unexpectedly. The information and changes the user thought was saved (and even saw the save progress window) is not in the file, and sometimes not in the recovered version of the file if the users is versed on how to complete the steps with the AIPrefs file for changing “enableContentRecovery” boolean value from 0 or off/false to 1 or on/true, then pressing the three-key combination when opening the file to try to recover.

Scratch disk is allocated space a program storing files on a temporary basis. Once the scratch disk is full, the program may crash or the files in the temporary storage area for the specific program are removed or overwritten. When the program closes (whether intentionally or from a crash) the scratch disk is allegedly cleared.

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