Truth and Reality as I know it to be

Behind the Scenes

Between the lines of every book, behind the stage of every performance, behind the camera of every movie, behind the riff of every song, behind the canvas of every painting, and behind the pixels of every monitor are unseen faces and the names in small print: the creators. This is a glimpse of the self-redeemed Crazy A.

This text has been modified to fit your screen. Words are not enough to convey my personality in a box… and certainly not in a fill-in-the-blank web form, nor in a 1-3 page resume.

Crazy A was found in an exotic, far away land years ago. The stork delivered her to a lovely family in the Midwest where corn, pork, beef, soy beans, snow, and water towers were plentiful. By the tender age of 5, Crazy A was a trophy girl for the local sprint car races. She was the first and only 5-12th grade student to tote a laptop to/from classes everyday along with her snare drum which, weighed more than she did.

When not writing, indulging other creative endeavors, or dodging public scrutiny, Crazy A crawls out from under a most betrothed mineral every so often. {That’s rock for all you who fell asleep during geology.}

Crazy A rarely passes up an offer for free food.  Crazy A has a strange anxiety surrounding public spaces. Identifying people is about as successful as distinguishing cockroaches from one another; notably detected to look through people, and people then tell her she looked directly at them with a blank expression.

Crazy A holds erratically irregular levels of interest in all of the following:
Cooking and baking,
Live music, art festivals, and performances
Psychology and sociology,
Politics, activism, and advocacy,
Automobiles (Pre-1980s),
Gaming industy

When not geeking out at full speed ahead, Crazy A enjoys Scrabble, chai, traveling, collecting cardboard coasters in sets of 4, collecting bottle caps and fortunes.
* * * * * *

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