Truth and Reality as I know it to be

Art Samples

Glimpse some of the work produced or created by Crazy A. Between the lines of every book, behind the stage of every performance, behind the camera of every movie, behind the riff of every song, behind the canvas of every painting, and behind the pixels of every monitor are unseen faces and the names in small print: the creators.

I used to have a portfolio hosted on a local site that ceased to exist. I’ve yet to find a way best suited to archive work physically or in the binary form for longevity and archival needs. My Mac Pro went on the fritz before I finished trying to recover the hard drive, and so here is what is available to be presented in the mean time. Who knows if the rest of the files will be salvageable.

View an assortment of work viewable on Pinterest and some PDFs of other samples of work.

Meal Card



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