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Writing Offers Freedom

It may be bold to assert: writing is my best friend. Judgement free, writing lets me vent, lets me change topic, enables me to interrupt, be rude, crude, prejudice, ignorant, confused, immature, vulnerable, selfish, intelligent. Writing does not cut me off, insult me, badger, writing does not have an ego, a temper, insecurities. Words will never hurt me. Words may not hurt, it is interpretation and the intonation or context which command power. Writing is freedom in such a sense where freedom of the truest sense is rarely sustained amongst people. Amongst is not a proper word, either. It seems fitting, in use of alliteration.

Composition books and pens are much more affordable and easier than committing to paying someone to listen, advise, and pretend to care to help you decipher your mess. I understand what works for one person doesn’t work for everyone. I just would rather save my money, and find it an odd concept to pay someone to tell me what to do, how to cope, and pay them to pretend to care, and fool ourselves into the whole “confidentiality between trained professional and client.” So this person is trained to pretend to care, and trained to be objectively be subjective since treatments are subjective insomuch that they vary from patient to patient and the success rate also varies?  We can all end up acting as trained therapists (for mental and emotional purposes) when being open to our own intuition, use of research, reading/profiling people along with behavior, and developing critical thinking skills. Naturally we should also seek out those with experience in similar situations to gain knowledge as part of research.

This week I worked on polishing up a resume for a former graphic design classmate today, reviewed the estimated price quote for remodeling the 9 ft. closet in the Master Bedroom, and I did a bunch of miscellaneous other odds and ends.

The day seems to have passed by fast.

I keep wondering how someone manages to have a conversation (intervention for someone who is not an addict) like “You need a case manager because you clearly have problems functioning independently,” and “You need to be tested for something wrong with you.” I’m pretty sure that sums up the soon to be former roommate. He wants me to find him another place that is as cheap. I told him to use Craigslist which will probably be the best place. He weakly said he tried and found commercial ads. I said he needs to narrow his search and use the custom search options.

A mix of:annoyance, and then pity for very nice, ignorant people who don’t know where to go to find what they need, nor possess the awareness of who can help them figure out how to make their life better/easier followed by attempts for personal growth to pacify my temper, exercise compassion, and quite possibly the desire to be done with an awkward situation where there is the risk of inflaming my temper more in a “you’ll breed bad energy you would have brought on yourself by not just helping the 30 year old overly sensitive, ignorant, and naive child because you think he’s being lazy and not thinking for his own best interests or have the skills to learn from his experiences in the long run” attitude. I very loosely incorporate Buddhist creeds in mellowing a temper which in the past was passive aggressive, spiteful, and vicious. Rehabilitated for a temper problem is laughable. At best people are works in progress (perhaps this is why I find it challenging to finish personal projects). Perfection is a full-time job.

It took me 10 hours over the span of two days to sift through hundreds of ads/postings from 8 different rental/roommate available listings, compile a list of links for the best possible conditions for Hairy.  I found over twenty-five (25) possible leads out of everything I reviewed.  True, there’s some topics I scour the internet for and find minimal useful information. Finding a place to live is not easy, but it’s manageable with some determination. Keep in mind Hairy is not limited on time. He works 30 hours a week at most, and his hobbies are: sleeping, yoga/Pilates, sleeping, Tai Gong, using paper based hygiene products excessively, breaking things and not telling me about it until I notice and denying knowing anything of when, how, or where the rest of the broken item is, asking me if he can ask a question every single time. So his time is not that limited. I hope he figures out he is his own best investment. All the Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Gong, or meditation isn’t going to be enough if he doesn’t try to learn from his experiences to make himself a better or at least easier life.

What was I going to say before I went on that tirade? Oh yeah.

Irony at its best, I did some logo proposals for a LGBT non-profit who was promoting and lobbying for the Same-Sex/Civil Union legislation back in 2008. They rejected my ideas (all of them), and went with a circle or a blue dot on yellow background. Attention getting, sure. Annoying color combination, slightly. I was disappointed because I had wanted to use the equals sign either in the center of the state’s border outline, or connecting the two word name of the organization, subtitle with implying the organization was going to bridge the gap to unify the opposing and the pro-civil union.

Here is the year 2013, and the LGBT movement in California is spreading and trying to pass same LGBT rights legislation in their state, with an equals sign. A pink symbol on a red background. Which I find a bit over the top with color choice. People are not dying in masses during this movement. I realize there have been a great deal of deaths as a result of homophobia over the centuries. Yes, there are cases such as Matthew Sheppard from Wisconsin. I do not mean to marginalize the deaths. In fact, I am appalled these acts of extreme violence still occur. Logically, and comparatively speaking, this LGBT movement is mild compared to say the Civil War, or the movements in the 60’s and 70’s. That would have been more fitting to make a prominent use of red, as those deaths were greater in numbers. Subjectivity can be argued indefinitely should one indulge in such transgressions. Obviously I have entertained in them.

I know this next thought will sound bitter. I am going to express it, regardless because it is on my mind. Before LGBT took full swing, the ADA and People with Disabilities were building up momentum as well to implement, amend, and/or  reinforce legislation and social change. LGBT’s lobbying seems to have overshadowed that to some degree. The Republican party wants to hinder the U.N from adopting a Disability Treaty which is a similar concept based on the Americans with Disabilities Act to help those with disabilities in less developed nations have more opportunities with access to be involved in their communities/towns/village/province/districts or at least less of a burden.

I predict LGBT movement will end up spanning roughly three more decades, maybe as much as 50 more years. As a courtesy here is an interactive timeline for “Gay Rights”.  The People with Disabilities movement has a twenty (20) year set back now because of this (my own estimate). It may be milestones in genetics, genetic engineering(1, 23)/eugenics (1, 2) and genetic therapy such as stem cell research to jumpstart the ball rolling again. The Disabilities Rights movement was started 100+ years prior.  It would be a joyful thing if the People with Disabilities movement successfully ended within the next seventy-five (75) years. Yes, there is legislation in place (for the U.S.) on a federal level. The opportunities are still lesser. When will we have consumer-ready vehicles with hand controls instead of having to take a vehicle to a third party laborer to make after market modifications to the vehicle? Not to  mention the extra work involved just to obtain and test the vehicle in the process of purchase. Even the fitness center I’ve toured at the Disability Empowerment Center has equipment that while it can be used for those who use wheelchairs, the lowest weight settings are still the same as exercise equipment at a regular fitness club. The equipment is not adjustable for the lowest demographic, petite in stature/size, or poor muscle tone. Why is the entry point to a ramp so far away from the door? And why do doors open outward, making it more cumbersome and possibly risking safety for someone who uses a mobility aid (walker, wheelchair, etc) either being hit with the door by someone carelessly walking out, and having a small space to maneuver in and risk falling off the landing/platform even if there is a open pole-style railing. Automatic sliding doors should be enforced and standardized for all businesses and government organizations. Even those needing the regulate security have found methods. I worked for a non profit for children who seemed to figure out their security protocol with sliding motion sensor or badge activated doors.

When will societies (not just the one I am apart of) realize making it cumbersome for persons with disabilities to pursue happiness with access to similar options to reap or fulfill a healthy, active life style applicable to each will alleviate the burdens that not providing such imposes in the long run? Making it easier for some people, also makes it better for everyone in a macro sense. Not in the Trickle Down economics approach, but in a social and civic responsibility approach. Providing top notch education across the nation gives employment, prepares the future generations, and can reduce the amount of violent crimes or reduce the frequency or lessen the severity of the crimes. I could go on. I realize this is not a setting of academia and I risk boring any reader with my impassioned diatribe and disenchanted ideologies.

In case you wondered the train of thought this posting took:

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What thoughts do you have to share?

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