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Hairy, you’ve got to go.

It was time. Which lie I was going to end up using?

a. My mom is retiring more or less in the near future, lives out-of-state, I need the second room free. All true statements, though not ones that have anything to do with each other. 

b. I’m having a boyfriend move in who has a child, the child needs its own room.
It’s true that boyfriends want me to live together. One happened to be a full time parent. None want to do so at this present moment though. 

I went with choice B. 

June 01, I lied to the Hairy roommate and said he had to move out by July 04 because a boyfriend was moving in. The roommate isn’t very hairy, truth be told. Hairy seemed to take the news in stride. Though he’s managed to avoid talking me, though I am not exactly a sociable person. 

I’ve started asking for price quotes and estimates to have the 9′ reach-in closet redesigned.  My DIY project I asked a friend to help me with did not have the longevity I had hoped. It broke after three months.

I have to wait until Hairy moves out, and see if he professional redesign can be completed in under a month before I rent out the second room. 

A friend gave me a cacti when she sold her belongings and moved to travel across Mexico. Six weeks after moving in, Hairy had become fixated with the cacti, and every day it was moved, eventually the plant became wobbly in its plastic planter, and I was told this could be from over-watering which could lead to root rot. I don’t really have attachments to most plants, other than if I enjoy eating them. I can’t say I even cared about this cacti. The most I appreciated about the cacti, was its simplistic care with minimal watering needs. I cared my friend gave it to me and so I felt obligated not to intervene as I knew someone’s good intentions and ignorance were destroying a gift. I found it in the sink, likely because Hairy wanted to “plump” and green it up and had mentioned it seemed to do both after being watered. Rather than have to deal with a prolonged conversation yet again about how cacti should not be watered alot, nor the desire to go into detail about cacti are not meant to be moved constantly because it can cause the plant to have shock as a response to excessive indoor vs outdoor placement changes. The fact I even instinctively know this leaves a slight bad taste because gardening (which my mother adores, and forced me to spend childhood summers weeding our 1/2 acre garden) is of no interest to me,  I took the potted cacti and carried it back to my room, vaguely wondered if the change in having direct sunlight and the 12 hours a day of air conditioning would cause the plant to greatly suffer. Hairy watched and followed the plant traveling in my hands down the short hall to my room with his eyes, but asked no questions and made no comments about what I was doing. I decided after Hairy left I could put the plant back to its original spot on the patio, and 30 days should be okay. I mean come on cacti are exposed to near zero temperatures during the winter nights in Arizona. 30 days of 79 degrees indoors isn’t going to be too traumatic, right? I can’t believe I wrote a paragraph about a plant. Well on to something else boring.

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