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Die Happy

The part of the brain that tells you to go to bed, get enough sleep, and not eat too much. I override it. All the time. I have good intentions of honoring it. I even tell people “I’m going to bed.” 5 Hours later I go to bed.

It makes me suffer later and I still ignore it. Probably because there’s always something better to be doing other than sleeping.

Or probably because I think dying in your sleep or being killed while in a different state of consciousness is terrible. I want to know I’m dying, not just be sleeping and then cease to exist. To me, the idea of someone wanting to die without knowing death is upon them is the same as necrophilia. Go ahead rob me of the knowledge, I’m going to cease to exist in that instant. 

In fact, I’d want to die of natural causes while having phenomenal sex. Because the brain produces dopamine, and I’d be ecstatic. To be old, still sexually desirable  and capable. Man or woman, I think can relate. Logically, I’d be dying while happy and blissful.

If that can’t happen, I want to die in my 70s while still in a great chemically induced, elated high. Doesn’t matter if the substance is legalized or not. Why? Pain tells us we’re alive, and to the body naturally has a defense for when we feel too “alive” from pain. It’s called the state of shock. Here’s a pragmatically simple solution: take away the pain. That’s what pharmaceutical companies promote, some health care professions are licensed legal drug pushers. Could argue dying while sleeping would be painless since the person has no known capacities to know what is happening. We could say the same thing about necrophilia. 

If you can’t tell, I tend to want to exert as much control over my life as possible. Why would death be an exception?  Obviously I’m not the only one who thinks this, since there are states and countries which accept conditions of assisted suicide. I suppose each one of us wants to die on our own terms.  

I can’t really speculate how I would handle being told “you have x amount of time to live.” 
I’d probably do every rude, mean spirited thing simply because it wouldn’t matter if I was mean or nice. At that point, there’s nothing out of either one because I’ll expect to be dead by the time consequences are carried out. 

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