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Samsung Galaxy Relay S phone

I am now a proud (note a bit of sarcasm) owner of two Samsung Galaxy Relay S, Android smart phones. One I found off of Craigslist for half price, the other I got after pestering a T-Mobile Store Manager for a few weeks. For one who is not a fan of cell phones, what’s my attachment to this model?  I can deal with the bad days and frustration of hitting wrong keys, numbers, or letters, and I can deal with the days where my speech is harder for the other person to understand in a phone call, I can deal with sending a text message instead of making a phone call since I have a slight auditory problem with filtering out noises in loud environments. I refuse to deal with those as daily frustrations compounded by not being able to use a device dependent on the user’s exemplary fine motor skills.

14 months ago I went from Verizon to T-Mobile provider because I needed a new phone which had a full QWERTY keyboard. Verizon no longer had what would suit me, and I was paying about $115 a month for continued service on the completely paid-for after two-year contract-expiration with the  LG EnV3 model side-flip, non-smart phone which had a value ranging from $70-115 USD. T-Mobile offered the SideKick and a LG MyTouch Q (Value was $250) and a plan that was half the cost. i went with the MyTouch Q. I remembered L. had loved the Sidekick, which was similar.  I had performance problems with the MyTouch Q and tolerated it for over a year. Those problems were replaced with other ones when I begrudgingly agreed to have the Hauwei MyTouch as a poor substitute. Then I couldn’t stand the fact I had a new phone with the same OS. What a rip off. The suggested words from Swype was terrible. It took me an average of three attempts to input phone numbers using the partial search functions to place calls. Back I went to yet a different T-Mobile store in hopes of sweet talking my way to the Samsung I wanted. Instead I ended up doing an “upgrade” to the LG Optimus from T-Mobile to stall for time (return policy was 14 days and I had spent a couple hundred, and just needed to figure out something that was going to work for me) as I kept scouring the internet for that Samsung. The LG Optimus which was touch screen only, and quickly experienced, touch screen only phones with Gesture/Swype is not much of a gain over iPhone touch screen only without Gesture/Swype. Maybe it was the fact that the LG Optimus was orginally Android 2.3 which had an Over the Air upgrade to Android operating system version 4, thus producing buggy annoying crap for me to deal with. It did not get along with me and caused frustration to do simple tasks like put it in standby or mute the sound.

Craigslist, I think I scored after a response to the sixth posting. Then I found out the Store Manager tracked one down for me. 

How could I pass up getting an additional of the Samsung I had long coveted (even if it was still full price) and knew that in another year or two when I needed to replace the phone, it would be tougher to find one comparable and I would not have the time or money to invest? If I was going to do touch screen only phone, I might was well do an iPhone and fight the autocorrect features. Having the Samsung Galaxy Relay S phone makes a difference when some days I have very poor fine motor skills and others are okay.

People with my disability are living longer. I will go over the new info I found recently. Right now I have to be a functioning member of society and go to work.

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