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Good Vibrations

Perhaps it’s the sunny climate my temperament has soaked up. 🙂 This is a bit embarrassing and humbling to admit, but I share it because it’s a contrast to how a change in attitude (specifically mine) can make a world of difference.

Quite simply I’ve had a humble life more or less, and take the self-made route all the way. Since I’ve moved to AZ, events, economy, blah blah have forced me back to some of those humble means of survival in todays society. Like everyone else, I’ve been looking for stable full time work for nearly 11 months, and very grateful to have the meager part time work I have and the other sources of income to cover essentials even though many personal sacrifices have been made. As many know I hate accepting charity and love to help other people that need it. Not to mention I’m not a fan of those who beg or feel entitled to what should be worked for. Pride is a always a hard thing to stomach.

That said, on the flip side, I’ve made my contributions to governments and made humble donations over the years. Furthermore, logically, I’ve paid enough of my dues for the programs and systems for people who are in need. So I rationalize this all and am grateful these resources are available to me should I need to use them. I have the need now and have been using them.

So I started the day off wheeling to the nearest place for a food box. Unfortunately, I’ve gone enough times over the months that the people in charge know me by name. And when I stop needing them I have every intention of giving back to them for others.

Last week I needed to come up with a cushion for the loaner basketball wheelchair for the team I recently was recruited and asked to join. You know, one of those extra expenses… So what to do? Where do I even go? It’s a sport so even if I had insurance, the likelihood of having any equipment for a sport covered is pretty much ZERO. I called some packing supply store, I called Home Depot, I looked at Target and wasn’t having much luck. Finally I decided to start cold calling carpet, flooring, and furniture stores. The specifics of the cushion are strict. I got lucky with the first one I called. It was within 1.5 mile and I knew I could wheel there if I needed to pick it up. I felt odd making the call. The receptionist was kind, however I was politely insistent and she transferred me to someone who I later determined was VP of sales.

He said he thought he might have scraps of something fitting what I needed it for. He wanted my address… at first I hesitated and offered to come get it. He said the company does deliveries anyways and it was no problem. He had the foam dropped off at my house. I was out running errands and he left it by my front door with his business card. I got around to making chocolate chip cookies and cookie bars. I opened up my standard all purpose thankyou card, customized it, and printed it off. I wheeled down to the business and took a chance of him being available. I got lucky. It was an incredibly nice building and impressively decorated with a wooden

Jack Daniels Barrel

serving as a side table next to some plush black leather couches in the waiting area. He came up and I gave him the goodies, the card and the flyer (serving for informative purpose only) about the fundraising event the team is having tonight at the PHX Mercury (WNBA) conference game vs LA Sparks.

He was pleasantly surprised and impressed I wheeled 1.5 miles there. (Which really isn’t that big of a deal on a nice day. I think It took me 17 minutes.) We chit chatted. He asked if I was here for school, following a boyfriend, or with family, etc. So during the conversation it ended up being we’re both from Iowa. I cheerfully let it drop that I was actively looking for work. BINGO!

🙂 [x10]

The idea of a power chair was brought up. I said, I’ve had one and it’s not ideal for an active lifestyle due to the limitations of the battery charge life. He said his mother (I’m guessing his mom is 80+ because he looked to be 55+) and told me she got stuck once trying to turn around. I told him I nearly took out a few displays at stores and found out I couldn’t get away with a hit and run because the electric shopping carts beep when you back up. *_*

We had a nice laugh.

He asked me what kind of work, etc. He knows of a guy who owns a signage production place who asked him if he could recommend anyone for pre-press work. I told him that my day job for the last year was doing precisely that for a company printing on drinkware. Brought up the Olympics in Bejing order and the irony of mugs made in China shipped to the US for printing, shipped back to China to be bought by (some) Americans and then brought back to the US as souvenirs, boated about the awesomeness of the company I worked for and their results The VP of sales wants me to send him my resume, and asked me to stop by in a few weeks just to say hi. I told him I’d bring some brownies and he needed to gain some weight. [The cookies kind of got crumbled in my travels, but the choc. chip cookie bars survived].

I’m ignoring my nagging don’t-speak-of-good-things-too-soon voice. Usually I’m secretive and wait until something is a sure deal before sharing. I’m too excited and in an ecstatic mood to let ‘good sense’ kill my good vibes right now.

Off to get ready for the raffle event! 🙂 OH, how life works in mysterious ways as my mom has told me.

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