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Technological Trash and my influence

100 floppy disks processed. 30 of which I have no OSes able to even read the disks. Apple’s Powerbook 1400cs

Crazy to think back how I was the embarrassed 5th-12th grader to tote around a laptop to take notes and turn in typed homework for all my classes. Oh the days of Clarisworks v3, WinWord 6, Oregon Trail, Netscape Navigator, and AOL. Amazing how a PSD fit on a 1.44 mb disk with room to spare!

I realized at the age of 12 in the 1990s I used the pipe or | so… I ought to take that credit for that influence. I used it because it was the only symbol permitted. I’m sure no one will believe that though. I’m also the one to introduce the – and the ~ before the name at the end of a message or other written format. I wrote poems and always used those. I carried it over to emails because I wasn’t real sure how to properly close an email so I used to signify the end of the message.

I wonder how I ought to properly dispose of all this technological trash I’ve accumulated for the past two an a half decades. It’s not covered in the muncipal recycling program. :-/ And this is why I don’t buy every new gagdet.

Next on the agenda: processing ZIP disks from the college days. My goal is to get back down to basics. Moving around alot forces this.

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