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Harassed for donations that are not picked up

I think it’s funny, after filing a complaint about a “non profit” with a supposed local phone number which pesters me weekly for donations they claim to pick up (they only do pick up from houses) and repeatedly asking to be removed from the call list, I decided to file a report with the BBB even though the organization is not BBB accredited. Just so you know, it’s no longer a law for a business to be accredited/registered through BBB. Just to be a jerk I added in the complaint “I’m a person with a disability and this business is not helping me by disturbing me non-stop.”

I know what you might think. 4 years, you put up with it and just now complaining? You might also think the disability card  has no relevance. It does, though it may seem trivial. I am pretty slow being able to answer the phone. I answer on the 3rd or 4th ring unless I can drop what I am doing and possibly injure myself crossing the room to get to the phone. I have a phone in each of the major bedrooms because even more than 4 rings to vmail, and people I want to hear from think I didn’t have vmail. I answer on the 4th ring, This organization calls multiple times one day a week and from different phone numbers, so using call block isn’t as effective as I hoped. When doing a cease and desist request, the quoted time to be removed is generally 30 days. I habitually forgot the date I had last made a verbal request and they would wait those 30 days and resume calling me.

Here’s what I sent BBB. 

Value Village has been asked many times to remove my phone number from their phone database. This is after I established each time, I can not offer them donations they request to pickup curbside because I reside in a multi-unit dwelling / apt. Representatives I speak to claim they will remove the phone number, but they keep calling. I have received these calls for a span of 4 years. I am not sure of which contact information to submit a cease and desist request since my verbal requests are not being honored. The last phone number was [xxx-xxx-xxxx] listed as Value Village. I’d like Value Village/Saver/Upwards Pickup to stop harassing me for donations the organization cannot pickup. These businesses promote helping people with disabilities. Please help someone with a disability which can be done by not continuing to call. 

See if you think the response I received make sense?

LOL: “You don’t need to reply. … you will be contacted again?” I know what they meant, and how it should read  “You will be contacted again if BBB does not receive a response from the company.”

Here’s the full text

You recently requested help from Better Business Bureau of Central, Northern and Western [state name removed] (BBB) concerning a problem with Value Village. To date, BBB has not received a response from the company.

Although a reminder has been sent to the company, we are inquiring with you to see if you have heard from the company directly. Please contact BBB with the status of this matter if the company has contacted you and the matter has been resolved. If you have not heard from the company, there is no need to reply.

While many times a reply is received quickly, in some cases a company can take longer to respond. You will be contacted again if a response is not received from the company. We appreciate your patience during this time.


[Agent Name Removed]
Your Better Business Bureau

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