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Help Mainstream Media Broadcast Paralympics

I don’t often get into causes dependent on viral or social media. Nor am I in the habit of following sports — even less so for televised sports. The lack of this televised sporting event is something I would like to rally support for. NBC is not airing the bulk of the Paralympics on its main channel, it is casting it to a paid cable sports channel at the wee hours of the morning or during the work day. I don’t have a website for a formal petition. I did put this together for people like me to submit.

The  TeamUSA website lists the Paralympics broadcasting schedule with an article trying to convince and distract readers from the fact, the households without paid premium cable or satellite subscriptions or without easy access to the internet to stream will not eve know the Paralympics are taking place. The review of the Paralympics is the only thing which will be aired on NBC (and not just NBCSN, NBC Sports Network). A meager 50 hours is what will be shown. NBC set aside 230 hours for 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics according to NBC’s own website,

UK Government news Channel 4 planned 150 hours of coverage during the Paralympics, according to the article on

Help advocate for equal media coverage.  The template and information needed is provided for you below. There is no dedicated webpage or website with a petition. Please pass this on. Even if you are not a huge sports fan, support your fellow Americans.
Please take 2 minutes or less to fill in this template and email it to NBC.
Send an email to :

Subject: 2014 Sochi Winter Paralympics
Email address:
Message: It is appalling to learn NBC is not being equal with it’s broadcasting of Olympic sporting events.
This message is to implore NBC to air Paralympic events on NBC (and not just NBCSN) in the same fashion and time slots as the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. I would like to watch and show support for U.S. Athletes, witness the culmination of training and see the athletic abilities compared to competing teams.

Please do not discount the importance of Paralympics, as the media has previously and wrongly misrepresented other cultures and minority groups throughout television and news media history. Some of those athletes are United States veterans, some are working class. Every single one on the United States team represents America, and the American ideals. Show the diversity of people sports embodies and empowers.



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