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Writing Samples

From the age of 17 – 22, I was a columnist for an e-zine. My title was Young Women’s Columnist and Moderator. Unfortunately the e-zine no longer exists, as the project for the publication ended and the funding for the grant was not approved for its director to continue.

Since then, I served in positions which I inevitably found myself writing training materials or job related written content. Each position I held, I found ways to apply my written skills:

  • Designing and proposal of quick reference pocket size materials for new hires of a major general retailer
  • Creating a crash course training handbook for my part-time substitute to be able to use the proprietary Silverlight based software for medical transcription while I was on vacation,
  • Revising, or authoring new knowledgebase articles an employer offered as self-support, do-it-yourself documents for those with registered domain, webhosting, and email services, or scripting
  • Drafting and developing new verbiage to satisfy quality assurance and also establish a standard for contracted Level II agents in a professional, real-time, Technical Support chat environment to use with customers and with a separate internal employee chat system for fielding incoming troubleshooting inquiries and concerns. Having the scripting be friendly, professional, and yet universal across many situations.

What thoughts do you have to share?

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