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At some point my article is going to be published, I’ve written a guest column for the local news authority, one of the Gannett publications.

I use an alias. It’s the name of the first feline I remember. They really wanted me to supply a photo. The cause I wrote about should get the attention, not me.

The important stuff for the organization’s website is updated. I’ve put some feelers out there seeking translators.

2 more classes and then I will be done with two degrees in HCI and web design. How exciting!


Adobe Illustrator is a industry standard tool for designers, and great for (static needs in) those wanting to wireframe projects quickly using the artboard tools and options.

One thing I do wish the artboards in Adobe illustrator offered was the ability to resize different and multiple artboards in a single pass. With Adobe Illustrator in CS6 those wanting to resize artboards must manually go to each artboard and access its options panel.

Artboards in Adobe Illustrator are also limited to 100 per AI file. The higher number of artboards in a file, the higher the frequency of the scratch disk being filled and then the software will crash unexpectedly. The information and changes the user thought was saved (and even saw the save progress window) is not in the file, and sometimes not in the recovered version of the file if the users is versed on how to complete the steps with the AIPrefs file for changing “enableContentRecovery” boolean value from 0 or off/false to 1 or on/true, then pressing the three-key combination when opening the file to try to recover.

Scratch disk is allocated space a program storing files on a temporary basis. Once the scratch disk is full, the program may crash or the files in the temporary storage area for the specific program are removed or overwritten. When the program closes (whether intentionally or from a crash) the scratch disk is allegedly cleared.

in May 2015, I was asked by an advance computer science student to join their Student Innovation Project (SIP).

A Student Innovation Project is basically the university’s version of a required capstone project completed for undergraduate degrees. The goal is to output some extent of a functional prototype, demo it, showcase it, and present it to a judging panel for evaluation. Student(s) must dress formal, and defend the SIP and answer any questions. A concept or proof document is constructed, a poster, a 1 minute video (and a 5 minute video for online students). The first required class gets students thinking about possible projects, what they can do with their skills/knowledge and resource along with thinking about how to accomplish SPRINT milestones using an Agile SCRUM approach.

If the student chooses not to use Agile SCRUM, and uses their own approach or a different one, that is okay and the student(s) are not pressed on the that aspect. The student(s) work on the SIP on their own time ranging from 4 months – 2 year periods, and reach out to professors when the need arises. The student recruits other students and builds a team. The logistics, management of the project, the frameworks, methods, and objectives are all things the student(s) and/or team figures out. Some projects are massive and large-scale to the point that the team changes from semester to semester. Like a game project that has traction will start with a base team, if the students graduate or leave then they are replaced, and the next team continues working together for following semesters and presents the new version.

Recruiting dedicated, self-motivated and skilled team members is a challenge; the majority of students tend to flock to flashy and glamorous projects. The projects filling a need/purpose which are not purely for entertainment find recruiting extremely difficult. I was not successful in recruiting students for my first or second idea for a SIP; I ended up joining another student’s SIP since completion of a SIP is necessary for graduating.

A second required class is taken around the time the student graduates and is ready to present the functional concept prototype. The class also has students prepare a portfolio. I am not expected to take this class for 6 more months when it will be the final semester. Because I worked on the SIP and the two other students involved presented together as a team, to my understanding all I need to do is submit the files for the poster, video, and concept/proof when I do take the class.

How exciting to be done with the SIP requirement! The SIP will be further developed, however the university will not be aware of it in order to avoid presenting the new version of the same project to be presented, evaluated, and defended yet again.

Price Minus is an extension/plugin for browsers which presents advertisements associated with the user’s search and internet activity.

Symptoms and behaviors

  • Advertising banners are injected with the web pages that you are visiting.
  • Random web page text is turned into hyperlinks.
  • Browser popups appear which recommend fake updates or other software.
  • Other unwanted adware programs might get installed without the user’s knowledge.

There are the common ways to remove it (e.g. Malware Bytes, ComboFix, and uninstall through the Control Panel > Programs and Features). There is also the option to uninstall and reinstall the Google Chrome browser. For those who desire to keep using a specific version of Google Chrome because of needs related to newer versions of Chrome not supporting Adobe Flash Player version 12 media (Articulate Studio ’13 used for eLearning and Instructional Design has a known incompatibility conflict with Flash player versions above version 12), Microsoft Silverlight, or NPAPI and conflicts with Widevine (Netflix uses Widevine plugins supported by Chrome) there is a way to remove Price Minus without having to uninstall Chrome and hunt for an older version you need to continue using.

If Price Minus is still present in Google Chrome but not in the other browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox) after using the common removal methods, the files need to be removed manually from the computer.

In Google Chrome go to chrome://extensions

1. indicate and enable developer mode. Price Minus will show the following additional information beneath its listing.

ID: elkmgaigbdndlicnmmheojacoggieljg
Location: ProgramData\ecndappneidglgieaohomcndjafdgjil

Go to
2. C:\ProgramData\ecndappneidglgieaohomcndjafdgjil

3. Delete the folder with the “ecndappneidglgieaohomcndjafdgjil” value. the value may be different from the specific one mentioned here, but it should match what Google Chrome lists.

For Google Chrome browsers

4. Go to
C:\Users\<username>AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\

5. Delete the folder with the ID value. The ID value may be different on the PC than the one mentioned above.

6. Exit Chrome and relaunch.

7. Recheck the chrome://extensions to verify the Price Minus extension has been removed.

Go to C:\ProgramData

Find and delete the folder with the ID value.

Consumer Power: Dyson

This marginally revised feedback was sent to Dyson on 4/07/2015. No response was received.

Dear Dyson,

Hopefully this message finds your employees in good spirits. Thank you for your flagship vacuums, as I am short, and have mobility problems. Your Dyson Ball vacuums are magnificent with being lightweight, easy to maneuver/turn and control and clean with one hand and for my poor balance and fluctuating motor skills. I don’t have to wait for a day when I feel 110% to vacuum like I used to even with great canister models from Eureka. Vacuuming took a lot of energy for me when using anything other than a Dyson. Thank you for offering a solution that makes a difference.

There are a few things I would like to suggest for the Dyson family of vacuums: the bar with the brush which has plastic grill-plate on the underside. This bar is hard to clean of hair (human and pet hair) and debris which gets wrapped around it. I have to dig out some tweezers and pick at it. Can you redesign your newer models to allow that bar to be easily removeable or disengaged and cleaned?

Also Bissell and a few other companies which make vacuums, have a vacuum and floor steamer. To be truthful, sweeping is a pain because you never get that last trace-line of dirt which butts up against the dustpan. So I vacuum my linoleum kitchen floor and hard surface floors in bathrooms and entryways. I also hate mopping because I am pretty sure it just pushes dirty water slopped around, hard on the knees, back, and joints. Bissell has something called Symphony which is a vacuum and a steamer. They attach this rug looking thing on the bottom for the steam function, and when the rug is dirty, the user can pop it into the washing machine. I haven’t tested it or anything. I just thought maybe Dyson could do a better version of it because I do like your vacuums, and I haven’t elected to get a steamer because I’m trying not to turn into an appliance and electronics warehouse. I paid the price I did for the fan heater because I thought it was great I could have both instead of needing a space heater AND a fan. I’d be willing to justify investing in a vacuum-and-steamer if it was still lightweight to pick up with one hand and carry up 1-2 flights of stairs without having to rest it on the steps from it being too heavy, maneuverable with one hand, easy to maintain, durable, and of quality.

I would like Dyson to consider a trade-in incentive program or loyalty program. I have had my Dyson for about 5 years. and still swear by it as though it is a pet. But the price point for newer models would be more attractive if there was a loyalty program like 17% off, or if I donate the vacuum to a needy cause and show proof of donation, a gift card from Dyson to redeem for a new one. That way too it helps Dyson with their company reputation. Those are just ideas.

Comments about Dyson Bladeless Tower and Tabletop Heater Fans:
In the [removed] desert, we use fans year round. I have a Dyson fan heater that is from 2012, and it is super noisy. It also draws too much energy and makes me nervous. I see your newer models claim to remedy those problems. What I’d like to see in the future is a lamp/lighting solution built into the fan-heater. You know the part where air is pushed out and it’s a different toned color? That could be were light is emitted. It’s rough trying to find a free outlet these days and Dyson is well designed that it doesn’t have to be stashed away when not in use. But I’d rather have a light than a fan if I have to choose what appliance take priority. So if you could help out and make those fan heaters emit lights (I’d probably say very bright natural LEDs with the equivalent output of a 60w incandescent, sorry not good at W to Lumens conversions), then I think a lot of consumers would be appreciative. No one likes unplugging and replugging appliances in that they want to use frequently.

Thank you for considering my suggestions and comments. If you have any questions or would like a concept drawing to illustrate some of these ideas, I am happy to provide some if you are interested and need them.

I decided to poke a bear to see if consumers still have power. In an off-shoot manner, I was reading about a leak in my neighborhood on a local news site, and an irrelevant search result about a car contest winner came up. So I started searching for car contests to enter in and how ironic it would be for me to win a car. (Can’t do full disclosure here in case it can be used to invalidate my entries). Some contest mentioned Neil Tjin and proclaimed him to  be a top automobile designer. So I decided to do a quick search, and found he’s done the American Dream and entrepeneur in what I perceive to be a legal Fast and Furious-esque fashion. Below is a slightly revised version of an email I sent in. I wonder if it will provoke any reaction or response. I wish I knew the secret to pitching and reaping the opportunities or rewards. Like the people who pitch and then start getting job offers or stuff from companies. Until then, I will just send in feedback as a consumer and hope something sticks.
Dear Neil Tjin,
I hope this message finds you well. [Self-identifying introductory details omitted]. I came across your name after learning about the Tjin Edition Roadshow from a contest for a Ford Mustang GT contest sponsored by UTI.  I would like to enlist your help regarding automobile design challenges for a niche market. I am not affiliated with any corporation or entity. I am simply working class.
The problem: cars have to undergo aftermarket mods for drivers who have physical limitations (i.e. hand controls, or muscle weakness in a portion of their body.) The secondary problem is accessibility/availability for consumers to be able to test drive products to determine if the product is suited for them. It usually is a big production to try to track down something to test it. Why would a consumer want to take a big gamble to find out something doesn’t work well for their needs?
Anyways, most cars that offer solutions for those with disabilities do so in a condescending way. Someone loads the person as though the person is cargo in the trunk of a van, or an aftermarket ramp in the side. None of these options empower a consumer with a disability who drives themselves to be able to independently get into and out of the vehicle without some degree of burden and extra wear on both the person, their medical equipment and their vehicle.
Has an automobile designer ever thought that a consumer with a disability wants to be able to own and operate a luxury or sports vehicle? Maybe a consumer with a disability wants the hand controls along the steering column and aspects of it need to be similar to how one operates their wheelchair? Some vehicles are backwards and it does not feel natural because in a wheelchair (manual or electronic) you push forward to move forward, you pull back to stop. A lot of aftermarket hand controls force drivers to press back to accelerate and forward to brake. Maybe the stuff needs to be left handed or left footed for those who have better  control over the left side of their body instead of being right-side dominant.
I’m tired of trying to take things and adapt to them. Why can’s an automobile be adapted to my needs? How can I learn how to drive if the stuff needs significant modification. Why modify it if I am not sure it’s going to work for me? Why do I have to research all the few places with demos which I have to make special trips to out of state to test?
The shocks in the back of a van are rough on my back. I can go up and down ramps independently, but the way the vans are, make it impossible to manage a ramp, get in and situated, and then stow the ramp, or unstow the ramp. Why? Why do the tie downs for the wheelchair have to be operated by someone else? I can bend down and attach them. I just can’t reach to tighen the straps. Why? Why does the automobile industry make it so I am not successful with even getting into a vehicle unassisted?
It would be great to see what solutions the future can bring. I study Human Computer Interaction and like to look at automobile design. I don’t know about engineering automobiles. I know about interfaces and the psychology of technology. I just don’t understand why the automobile industry ignores people and drivers with disabilities when 30% of the population has at least one disability. 30% of potential profits is far too much for companies to walk away from. Help people with disabilities be perceived as independent, not as cargo that needs carted around simply because the automobiles are poorly suited to their needs.
Thank you for time and future contributions. I know you, your family, and wife Mei will continue to produce great things. I  hope you consider using some skills and knowledge for the betterment of a social cause you are as passionate about as you are automobiles.

Lights, action, …blog?

Let’s not pretend I’m diligent about publishing blog posts. It has been brought to my attention that the bulk of posts are perceived as negative. I like to solve problems, writing helps me “solve” and work through some problems that just turn into broken records if it isn’t resolved. I’m not looking to inspire, motivate, drive traffic, get hits, get likes or comments. There aren’t intentions to troll, incite, or provoke negativity either. Any feedback, good or bad is appreciated as it means you acknowledged a reaction and took time from your day to read and respond.

This blog houses some writing pieces, and sometimes the other samples of art I work on. When I am super busy or happy I don’t blog. In fact there’s a long list of posts I’ve drafted and decided not to publish for many reasons.

Here’s a cube I designed using a hair clip/decoration, natural and biodegradable sponges, LED water activated lights, a cat toy, a flip-top squeeze bottle, and an acrylic photo cube. The primary appeal is visceral response.

Perspective view of Clear cube with LED lights activated by water

Clear cube with LED lights activated by water

I will need to see if my professor can send me the photos she took of the cube all lit up.

I wonder if I will ever feel like my life has been spent on worthwhile activities. Will I be plagued with a constant feeling like there is something bigger and better to experience, do, see, be a part of? If so, I won’t be prepared for it. Such a scary thing to fail on the large scale. Maybe it is better to be a big fish in a small pond, but then everyone has a better line of sight to see those public failures.

The older I get, the more I happen to find out it’s not just the skin that’s yellow, and it’s not a refusal of American culture. It’s trying to find a way to bridge the two.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m no one’s Mommy, but this FAQ from Priscilla sums up a large part why I more or less cloak details of my relationship(s) in general. Also I very much dislike small talk and having the same conversations repeatedly. This page also gives insight on why I frown when people try to assume I to be their “good deed of the day.” — Forgive the blogger for her lack of design.

Unlike Priscilla, I don’t drive. My parents did not support me, nor did they sign me up for drivers ed, the paperwork needed to get a permit/license was not certified so I spent a few years petitioning courts to give me my sealed records. I got them despite no assistance from my parents for that experience with the bureaucracies of the legal system. Got the driving permit [yaye!].

I had a few lessens in my early 20s with a self-important elderly guy who liked to scream at his students and get paid $160 per hour. This was not good for my startle reflex. He told me he thought I needed practice, and then in his report he wrote he did not recommend me because he did not think I was capable. I moved in 2008 to a different state, and got my new permit, then lost the original permit. I never renewed the drivers permit for the new state once it expired. I should mention, the renewal involves taking the test for the permit for the new state and I did not know the laws of the new state because their driving laws were different and I just didn’t want to bother since I didn’t have access to a car to practice with.

I use a program called Dial-A-Ride which is pre-arranged transportation subsidized by the city I live in under their Paratransit program. I call and give the names/addresses of where I need to go for the next day and tell them what time I need. The trip gets booked via computer system, and then the next day drivers in cabs (no more short buses, Veolia lost that contract) arrive to fetch me and drop me off. I pay a copay.

Here’s an example of how every time i go somewhere, the person sent to pick me up wants to engage in small talk, most of which I find painful because it seems pointless and a waste for both of us. Within the past year I have learned, my disdain for smalltalk relates to a cultural thing I must have learned/observed before I arrived in the U.S. as I prefer silence, and feel only essential items need to be discussed. Some call it the Art of Silence. My disregard for trivial and foolish activities is probably why I am terrible with pop culture.

“That’s a school, huh. Never knew that was there. What are you studying?”
Me knowing it is not something the average person grasps: “Human Computer Interaction.”
“I see. So you do…. stuff with computers. You must be pretty good with them.”
Me. “Here’s the payment I owe you.”
“How much time do you have left for school?”
Me [Trying vainly to get out of the conversation]: “I don’t know. Too long.”
“What classes are you taking?”
Me: “blah blah.”

“You’ll be home soon.”
Me: “I’m not going home.”
“Where are you going?”
Me: I nod towards the screen with the address, “To the bank.”
“Oh. What are you going to do there?”
Me: [silence. Not really sure what to say, contemplated mentioning robbing the bank. Figured that was too snide. Remained silent.]

“You going to work?”
Me: “No. I’m going to the bank. I don’t know what you are asking.”
“Oh, ok. I was just wondering what you were going to do there?”
Me: “…. I’m doing bank stuff. It’s a bank. Is that ok, is there something you wanted me to do instead? Did you need to go to the bank, too?”

I don’t often get into causes dependent on viral or social media. Nor am I in the habit of following sports — even less so for televised sports. The lack of this televised sporting event is something I would like to rally support for. NBC is not airing the bulk of the Paralympics on its main channel, it is casting it to a paid cable sports channel at the wee hours of the morning or during the work day. I don’t have a website for a formal petition. I did put this together for people like me to submit.

The  TeamUSA website lists the Paralympics broadcasting schedule with an article trying to convince and distract readers from the fact, the households without paid premium cable or satellite subscriptions or without easy access to the internet to stream will not eve know the Paralympics are taking place. The review of the Paralympics is the only thing which will be aired on NBC (and not just NBCSN, NBC Sports Network). A meager 50 hours is what will be shown. NBC set aside 230 hours for 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics according to NBC’s own website,

UK Government news Channel 4 planned 150 hours of coverage during the Paralympics, according to the article on

Help advocate for equal media coverage.  The template and information needed is provided for you below. There is no dedicated webpage or website with a petition. Please pass this on. Even if you are not a huge sports fan, support your fellow Americans.
Please take 2 minutes or less to fill in this template and email it to NBC.
Send an email to :

Subject: 2014 Sochi Winter Paralympics
Email address:
Message: It is appalling to learn NBC is not being equal with it’s broadcasting of Olympic sporting events.
This message is to implore NBC to air Paralympic events on NBC (and not just NBCSN) in the same fashion and time slots as the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. I would like to watch and show support for U.S. Athletes, witness the culmination of training and see the athletic abilities compared to competing teams.

Please do not discount the importance of Paralympics, as the media has previously and wrongly misrepresented other cultures and minority groups throughout television and news media history. Some of those athletes are United States veterans, some are working class. Every single one on the United States team represents America, and the American ideals. Show the diversity of people sports embodies and empowers.



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