Truth and Reality as I know it to be

Lights, action, …blog?

Let’s not pretend I’m diligent about publishing blog posts. It has been brought to my attention that the bulk of posts are perceived as negative. I like to solve problems, writing helps me “solve” and work through some problems that just turn into broken records if it isn’t resolved. I’m not looking to inspire, motivate, drive traffic, get hits, get likes or comments. There aren’t intentions to troll, incite, or provoke negativity either. Any feedback, good or bad is appreciated as it means you acknowledged a reaction and took time from your day to read and respond.

This blog houses some writing pieces, and sometimes the other samples of art I work on. When I am super busy or happy I don’t blog. In fact there’s a long list of posts I’ve drafted and decided not to publish for many reasons.

Here’s a cube I designed using a hair clip/decoration, natural and biodegradable sponges, LED water activated lights, a cat toy, a flip-top squeeze bottle, and an acrylic photo cube. The primary appeal is visceral response.

Perspective view of Clear cube with LED lights activated by water

Clear cube with LED lights activated by water

I will need to see if my professor can send me the photos she took of the cube all lit up.

What thoughts do you have to share?

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