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Pursuing Purpose

Is there such a thing as a “lucky month”? heh. Maybe I should buy lottery tickets only during the month of August.

I’ll give the non-profit sector another chance and hope for the best. Hope the egos are less inflated, I’d like to work for a non-profit where it’s more down to earth. I knew direct social work and human service roles was not the right line of work for me even though I always want to try to make a difference in the world. When I was a child I asked my dad if everyone could have the same basic stuff, like a bike. My dad explained to me at the time what I described was considered communism (in the 1980s), this conversation was one of many and I wanted to make a difference in the world; eventually I stopped wanting to be a political activist, an advocate, and a lawyer.

Seventeen years later I figured out what I really wanted when I was a child was considered socialism or progressive reform. As crazy as it may seem, I’ve always felt this pressing urge, purpose and “calling” to make the world a better place. My political beliefs go through ying-and-yang cycles as does my interest in current affairs, domestic, and international politics. Irony is, I don’t necessarily want the superficial grand display of attention or fame that seems to go along with non-profit work. I like being behind the scenes. I’m a simple person and a simple gesture of appreciation is typically more than enough for me.

I’ve worked for a non-profit organization before, had no expectations. I was disheartened to discover the office-types were more concerned with egos, vacation trips, and upstaging one another than with focusing on doing their jobs which impacted hundreds of children with special needs receiving services. My eyes opened when I realized there were “trends” dependent on the funding sources children with specific diagnosis fitting the year’s “trend” received more services or at least had their needs given more attention in different respects than others.

Thank you for your interest in the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America for the Learning & Development Intern (25-493). At your convenience, please let me know of some dates and times that work well with your schedule for a phone interview.

I’m so nervous. I have no idea what they might ask me. I thought by the early 30s, grown ups weren’t supposed to be nervous. I’ll have to schedule the phone interview for a time when I don’t have a cold further impairing the intelligibility of my speech impediment.

What thoughts do you have to share?

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